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The Benefits of Staying in Private Holiday House

Going on vacation, your want to have the best time possible! Accommodation is a key element of a memorable holiday. Staying at a hotel room often limits you on space, schedule, activities… while renting a private holiday home offers more freedom, more privacy and fits your individual needs and budget.

"Advantages of Renting a Vacations House"

Stretch out!

With a long list of holiday homes available for rent, you can find your ideal villa or apartment rental for you and your company with 2, 3 or as many bedrooms as you need really, many of which are en-suite. No more waiting in line to use the shower, sink or toilet, no low speaking when your company is asleep… If you travel with your spouse and kids, having a living room or even a games room makes everyone happier and relaxed. And remember, more space – less arguments!

Feel Free!

Renting a vacations house allows you to make your own schedule. Have your breakfast whenever you wake up, dive in the swimming pool in the middle of the night, spend endless hours in the garden. No curfews and closed areas as you usually find in hotels.

Relax & Enjoy.. your own way!

On top of having more space and freedom at a holidayrental, you do not need to put up with the noise that oftencomes along with staying in a hotel room. People coming and going at all times, cleaning service knockingon your door and other possible disruptions may ruin treasurable holiday moments during your trip. Accommodation in a private villa usually offers full privacy, without random people around the pool, the garden and the dining area. On top of it all, you don't need to worry about your own noise level – especially if you travel with kids or babies, or if you are in a rather 'partying mood' with your friends.

Manage your own budget!

Depending on what size house you need, your rental rates can come out cheaper at a private holiday house rather than a hotel. When travelling with friends, sharing a villa rental with several bedrooms can be significantly cheaper than renting a few rooms in the same hotel. Private houses are also ideal for self-catering holidays, usually offering fully-equipped kitchens allowing you to save money by buying your own food and (don't forget) eating at the times that suits you! Finally, if you rent from an individual, you may even be able to bargain a lower price than what it is originally asked for.

Stay in a Home Away from Home

Vacations houses allow you and your family or friends to feel more at home than a room would. You can cook your own meals, play loud music and even have a party without disturbing the neighbours. Some of these rentals come complete with TV, Internet, garden, outdoor BBQ, games room, fire place and original decoration for a more cosy feel.




Immerse and Discover!

Rather than staying in a typical hotel room, private house accommodation brings you closer to the everyday life of a certain country or culture. Choose the location that inspires you - close to major tourist attractions or in more remote destinations. Choosing to stay at a location outside main tourist areas may lead you to adventures and attractions you would have never experienced or seen otherwise. You have a larger choice today than ever before!

DIY or Room Service?

Choosing to stay in a private house accommodation, the lack of reception staff, room service and included meals may be a drawback. With all things considered though, a holiday rentalcan provide you more privacy and freedom during your vacation than just the traditional one-room lodgings do. Look through our long list of private houses on offer to find the one that best suits your needs and budget for your dream holiday!