"Will your ad's text description and overall presentation make them want to rent?"


At the Property Owners Dashboard you will find various tools to help you make your rentals presentation more effective.Check out the following tips before starting the advertizing of your holiday home.


Text Description


It is important that your listing shows up at the top and that the Title actually grabs the attention of your potential guests.
In the Description field of the owners' dashboard, make sure you add a full description of about 100 words (or more if you feel like), presenting the property clearly and pointing out all the extras and most attractive features. Take good care of the first 35 words of your description which is what your potential clients will read first, before deciding to click into the full presentation of your property. Note that amenities, nearby attractions, services and numbers of rooms are marked at the Rooms, Amenities & Details tabs, so don't waste description space by describing them all in detail; concentrate on the most special amenities or services that will attract customers. You can also add a separate description of the location at the Location tab of your dashboard.
Remember: always give an honest description of your home rental. Pompous depictions that are a bit far from reality may end up with dissatisfied guests and negative reviews.

Cover Image

At the Image field underneath your rental description, choose your favorite or most impressive cover image of your property so that potential guests will have an idea of what it looks like before they click for more information. Many people will make a decision based solely on that cover image.


When taking photos of your holiday home, make sure you use a digital camera so if you choose to enhance or resize the photos, you can then edit them with any photo-editing software. Avoid uploading small-sized images. Take a good number of photos of all the features of your property and choose the best ones to upload. Include photos of most (if not all) exterior & interior spaces, view from the rooms and special facilities you want to point out (like fireplace, Jacuzzi, large screen TV etc.) If you wish to, you can also take photos of the most special nearby attraction. At the owners' dashboard, go to the Photos tab and start uploading your photos. Photos you do not like can be deleted at any time to make room for those that show the property best.
At the Description field next to every photo, you can add a short caption like "Master bedroom en suite", "Private garden with swimming pool" etc. The more information you provide about your home rental, the more chances for bookings.
Remember: potential guests often concentrate mostly at the photos when deciding to book a holiday villa, so try to upload clear, bright photos at a decent size, and provide a description.


How interactive will your listing be?

When you advertise a holiday rental, you want to make sure that you pinpoint the exact location of your rental at the interactive map under the Map tab.
In the Prices tab fill out your rental rates according to the season, so that your potential customers can clearly see if your house is apt for their budget and compare it with other holiday rentals. It's strongly advisable that you post your different prices for daily, weekly and monthly rentals, so that visitors know the exact cost of their potential booking depending on the duration of their stay.
Be constant in filling out your availability calendar found at the Availability tab of your dashboard. The availability calendar helps visitors speed up their booking process. Keeping your availability plan up-to-date saves everyone the trouble of requests for dates already booked, thus avoiding frustration on both ends and negative reviews.

Promoting your holiday rental through Vacations House gives you plenty of tools and options to make the most out of your listing and, before you know it, you will have plenty of potential guests knocking on your door.
Follow the above tips and provide your future customers with a full demonstration of your rental - even before they step foot on your property!